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With world-class research and data-based solutions, Oxford Intelligence helps public and private sector clients make and implement informed decisions to facilitate overseas business development and to meet foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade promotion needs.


Oxford Intelligence's new interactive FDI news and data service Global Investor Watch is now in beta. It will provide subscribers worldwide with high-quality verified news, data and analysis, and access to over 80,000 verified FDI projects.

Karina Luper releases article on data

The Philosophy of Data

Coming Soon - Investor Indicators

In May 2017 Oxford Intelligence will add Investor Indicators to its Global Investor Watch service, providing organisations with investment lead indicators based on the key signals that a company may be looking to expand into a new market. Please contact us for more information.

Oliver Jones is your new Lead Generation contact

Oliver Jones, our Corporate Location Manager, is now your point of contact for Lead Generation information. Oliver can be contacted via oliver.jones@oxint.com or by phone on +44 (0)203 2877 126.  

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    Oxford Intelligence is a recognised leader in the provision of consulting and quality business information to facilitate overseas business development and to meet foreign direct investment needs. Our services focus on six key areas :

    Our new interactive FDI news and data service Global Investor Watch is now in beta. It will provide subscribers worldwide with high-quality verified news, data and analysis, and access to over 80,000 verified FDI projects.

    Visit www.globalinvestorwatch.com to request an online demo!


    Our multilingual analysts deliver comprehensive datasets that map corporate international expansion activities and can assist you in making the best possible investment promotion decisions for your organisation.

    We deliver solutions to facilitate overseas business development, meet foreign direct investment and meet trade promotion needs for economic development agencies and international businesses worldwide.

    Oxford Intelligence conducts original, qualitative research with CEO-level participants and provides essential insights into the globalisation of business by sectors and locations.

    Our experienced consultants can support your decision making process to maximize the return on investment of your location decisions for new sites and existing facilities.



    Oxford Intelligence has been advising clients on their global investment promotion strategies since 1996. Our management team draws on combined government and international corporate sector experience.


    Oxford Intelligence is a UK-based business consultancy that specialises in identifying, tracking and supplying data on global FDI projects across all industry sectors. Our Lead Generation team is able to deliver targeted, high-quality solutions to assist clients worldwide to nurture and win investment projects.


    • The results of the project were splendid. Six meetings were arranged – all with CEOs, COOs or founders. Out of the six companies, half are class-A prospects with the potential for significant investment in our city in the near term. In addition, the remaining companies all show investment potential in the longer term. In summary, we expect a conversion rate of 33 per cent and a positive ROI within months.

      Chief Executive Officer, Metropolitan Agency, Finland

    • Global Investor Watch keeps me up to speed with companies on the move globally - it is an invaluable resource.

      CEO, Export Services Provider, France

    • The Global Investor Watch service provides clear, concise information available in a user-friendly format.

      Marketing Manager, City Agency, USA

    • I value the good quality, density, diversity and regularity of the information provided by Global Investor Watch.

      Head of Investment, Regional Development Agency, Spain

    • The content provides great global coverage and has good, direct access to company data. I like the filter capabilities for regions and sectors in Global Investor Watch.

      Regional Manager Asia, National Development Agency, Canada

    • This was a real eye opener. I learned a lot and it will enable me to improve the support I can give to my colleagues based in the field.

      Head of Research, Regional Development Agency, UK

    • Very good course, well run and organised and delivered at an excellent pace.

      Research Manager, Regional Development Agency, UK

    • Very enjoyable course and extremely useful things learnt which will have a positive impact on my and other colleagues' roles.

      Researcher, International Division, National Development Agency, UK

    • I thought the course was very interesting and informative. The sources and handouts provided will be an excellent resource for my work. I also found the course to be a very good networking opportunity.

      Research Executive, National Development Agency, UK


    As wholly-owned unit of Ecorys UK, Oxford Intelligence delivers a wide range of industry, sector and corporate intelligence solutions related to inward investment and trade promotion needs.

    As well as the core Oxford Intelligence team and key experts, we are also able to call on our global network of in-market analysts and partners. This ensures we are able to provide the highest level of expertise, FDI experience and language skills to our clients.

    We also benefit from the support of our parent company whose breadth of consultancy, project management, policy research and research skills both in the UK and globally.

    Meet the Team

    Oxford Intelligence

    Sound analysis, inspiring ideas

    With world-class research and data-based solutions, we equip our public and private sector clients worldwide with the best Foreign Direct Investment and Trade intelligence to make decisions.

    Michael Davis

    Managing Director  Ecorys UK

    Michael leads the UK business and is a member of the wider group leadership team which reports into the Board of Management.  Michael brings to Ecorys a unique blend of commercial experience, honed in start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises, combined with extensive experience of working with senior industry leaders and governments in the formulation of public policy across the UK.


    Karina Luper

    Head of Data & Intelligence Division

    Karina leads the Data & Intelligence Division at Oxford Intelligence and oversees the development of new information and analysis products and services. Her main focus is to streamline the sourcing of data to supply the company’s information products and internal needs and to provide data for a wide range of client projects. 



    She has now been with the company for nine years, working on both the EIM and subsequently Global Investment Monitor (GIM) as an analyst, she also continues to head up UKTI Inward Investment projects and manage a diverse range of contracts.

    Andrew Clutz

    Director, Americas

    Andrew Clutz is responsible for Oxford Intelligence’s Americas operations and is based in the company’s Boston office. He understands the challenges facing economic development organizations from his 20 years experience. Areas of expertise include investment promotion, site selection, trade development, strategic partnering and market intelligence. 


    Gary Somerville

    Senior Analysts and Team Leader – Asia Pacific

    Gary is the Senior Research Analyst responsible for the Asia Pacific region. In addition to contributing daily to Global Investor Watch, our global trade and investment news service, Gary has assisted UKTI in a number of projects for the East Asia region, such as identifying smart city opportunities in China.


    Dave Jackson

    Head of Business Systems

    David Jackson is responsible for all back office systems and database requirements for Oxford Intelligence. He has built the extensive CRM system for the company and replicates this functionality for bespoke CRM systems available to Economic Development Authorities.


    Oliver Jones

    Corporation Location Manager

    Oliver has a background in economic development and experience of attracting FDI leads from Europe and North America to both established and challenging markets. Oliver is also involved in introducing new clients to both our Corporate Location skills and our Global Investor Watch analytics database.


    Catriona Riley

    Senior Analyst

    Catriona is the Senior Analyst responsible for the team monitoring the USA, UK and Central Europe. She holds the Production Manager role for the Global and European Investment Monitors and is jointly responsible for the development of new data input strategies and products, including the soon-to-be-launched Global Investor Watch website.



    Marie Moore

    Business Research Analyst 

    Marie is the Research Analyst responsible for the regions of Latin America, Africa, Middle East and selected regions of Western Europe including France and Spain. In addition to contributing daily to Global Investor Watch, our global trade and investment news service, and monitoring production of our FDI projects database, Marie develops our relationships with economic development agencies on a global basis.




    Key Experts

    • Daniela Hallet

      Research Analyst

      Daniela Hallett has been a research analyst with Oxford Intelligence since 2005 and works with the data and lead generation teams, with a focus on Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the DACH region. 

      She has been involved in the production of sectoral reports, providing essential insights into future globalisation of business by sector and location through in-depth analysis based on primary research with CEO-level participants, expert desk research and corporate location benchmarking. Daniela has also played a key role in researching the European Investment Monitor, a business information tool from Ernst & Young.

      A native German speaker, Daniela is also fluent in English.

    • Randi Hicks Rowe

      Senior Research Analyst

      Randi Hicks-Rowe has been an Oxford Intelligence analyst and contributor since 1998 and is now one of our senior research analysts. Based in the USA, she has extensive experience in lead generation, research, writing and public relations working mainly across EMEA and the Americas.

      She previously worked as an executive in a US Fortune 500 company and has a master of business administration degree from the College of William and Mary in the United States.

    • Selena Chavis

      Senior Research Analyst

      Selena Chavis has worked for Oxford Intelligence since 2002 and is now a senior research analsyst for the lead generation team. Based in the USA, she has extensive experience in lead generation, research, writing and public relations working mainly across EMEA and the Americas.

      A skilled contract professional, Selena has more than 25 years experience as a writer, public relations strategist, industry analyst and research professional.

    • Peter McDermott


      Peter works with national, regional and city economic development agencies worldwide to improve and sustain their inward investment competitiveness and performance. From 1996 until 2007 he was the Marketing Director of the UK Government’s national inward investment agency (later to become UK Trade & Investment). 


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